Hot Stone Pamper

Lower legs, Feet and Forearms and Hands using Heated & Chilled Stones

Indulge clients with a beautiful seated or table massage
that goes beyond the average

For a point of distinction that sets your business apart

Rapid training for new team members

Techniques that reduce therapist injury

Stand-alone or add-on treatment for your menu

Enhance your menu with a beautiful hand & feet add-on service unlike anything else on the market with the Stone Eagle Hot Stone Pamper training.

Achieve more for your clients while conserving your energy and protecting yourself from injury with a beautiful standalone or add-on treatment that delivers results for you, and your clients.
The Hot Stone Pamper course is an express training that gives you a complete 30 or 60-minute treatment to help your business can stand out with a service that’s a step above the average - for an experience they won’t forget.
This express training teaches correct stone massage techniques for lower legs, feet, forearms and hands using heated and chilled stones, protecting therapists from injury while delivering a unique and genuinely remedial experience for clients.

Perfect for

Nail salons
Stand out with an exceptional massage to accompany your hand and feet treats

Massage & beauty therapists 
Explore a new treatment for your menu

Learn stone massage techniques that achieve more while giving your hands and wrists a break!

High-volume shopping centre massage businesses
Offer a consistently better standard of massage for a result that delivers more 

When applied with the correct techniques, sacred stones can melt tension in the superficial layers so you can repair and restore deeper muscles more easily – all while protecting your hands and wrists from career-ending strain injuries.

Correct application of hot and chilled stones enables a deeper therapy with less strain on the therapist
Achieve more by doing less

Introducing your trainer

Sandra Jones-Rider 
Master Curator & Senior Trainer, Stone Eagle Massage Stones & Training
With more than 20 years’ experience as a Beauty Therapist and highly regarded Therapeutic and Remedial Massage Therapist, Sandra Jones-Rider is an expert in her field. As the owner of Stone Eagle Massage Stones & Training, she delivers highly-regarded hands-on training across the country.
Having studied extensively in America and Australia, she has combined her knowledge and skills to create many unique and powerful stone massage techniques to enhance your services menu and reduce the risk of strain injuries for therapists and t
heir clients. 

"I created the Hot Stone Pamper training after receiving a frustrating foot massage during a visit to a nail salon. I wanted to create something that would not only give clients a magical massage experience, but also be easy for therapists to replicate in their own salons, even where space and time are at a premium"

So easy to access with ongoing support
(even if you're not tech savvy!)

Video Content

Comprehensive videos detail each step of the treatment, including correctly identifying and manipulating the different muscle groups; and how to avoid burning yourself or your clients


Downloadable worksheets outline the step-by-step procedure for the treatment so you can easily follow the video and refine your technique

Personalised Support

Not sure if your technique is quite right? Simply book a time with our HelpDesk for personalised support at a time that suits you

Membership Portal

Easily access the training materials from anywhere via the online membership portal. The portal is easy to use, but we’re on hand to support you if you ever get stuck! 

Plus... Lifetime access!

Enjoy lifetime access so you can learn at your own pace and come back to refresh your skills whenever you like

Course Curriculum

Enhance your service menu

Clients expect more from their massage – but it can be difficult and tiring to deliver a lot in a limited amount of time, and the risk of injury for the therapist is high.
The Stone Eagle Hot Stone Pamper steps you through the exact process for safely and effectively delivering a massage that’s genuinely relaxing and remedial, for a beautiful add-on or standalone hand and feet treat. 

Course Pricing

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    Hot Stone Pamper Instalment plan
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    $149 AUD

    per month

    Includes Online Training, Dreamtime Stone Set & shipping throughout Australia

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  • Hot Stone Pamper with Stone Set

    $445 AUD


    Online Training with Dreamtime Stone Set for the Treatment (includes Shipping within Australia)

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  • Hot Stone Pamper Basic

    $145 AUD


    Online Training Only

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